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Let's get musical!

Join the studio—In person in the Duluth, MN area and globally online!



Founded in 2013, my studio has specialized in private music education for a decade. At the heart of the program is a focus on individualized attention and needs structured around a basic foundation of musical excellence and creative thinking. In my studio, you will learn at your own pace in the traditional method of a mentor-student relationship to achieve your personal musical goals–whether they are to play with your community orchestra, to enter conservatory, audition for a job, or just to play beautiful melodies for family and friends. 

Now enrolling private students in:

flute - baroque flute - folk flutes/Irish flute - composition - theory


Scholarship Flutes

I offer two scholarship flutes and a traverso that are available for use at no charge to in-person students dependent upon availability. These flutes are intended to provide a loaner instrument while your flute is being serviced or to relieve the financial burden of renting an instrument during the course of study for those in need.


Rate Lock

Even if my hourly rate increases, the rate for current students will never be raised. You are guaranteed the rate you entered the studio until the end of your studies. 


Hand-Picked Learning Materials

All students receive a complimentary book of my technical exercises that I compiled in over a decade of teaching. Digital version also available.


Private Lesson Scholarships

In addition to scholarship instruments, my studio is proud to offer three scholarship catagories: Need-Based Scholarships, Merit Scholarships, and the Heather Verbeck Scholarship for pre-professional flutists.

Need-Based Scholarships

Need-Based Scholarships are for those who might otherwise not be able to afford lessons. 



Merit Scholarships are for passionate, talented and dedicated students who are very serious about lessons. 

The Heather Verbeck Scholarship

The Heather Verbeck scholarship for a highly advanced student who is competition or conservatory track, or actively taking auditions.

Scholarship Instruments

The Institute offers two student flutes and a traverso for free use. These flutes are intended to releave the financial burden of renting a flute on top of paying for lessons, as well as serve as loaner instruments while students' flutes are being repaired.

Recent Studio Happenings

Music Lessons in Duluth, MN
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