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Learn an instrument from your living room.

Online Lessons in Flute, Composition, Theory, Baroque Flute, Overtone flutes

Don't live in the Duluth area but still want to study? With a decade of teaching experience and half a decade of Skype teaching, I proudly offer quality online lessons. I love Skype lessons for the versatility and flexibility they offer - plus all our learning materials are converted to digital tree-friendly formats, which I'm all about!

No traffic jams, no commute, no waste, no fuss. Just quality lessons. 

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What you need for Skype lessons:

  1. A device that connects to the internet + internet connection

  2. A microphone and camera (most devices already have these built-in!)

  3. An instrument, or music notation software for composition students (download Musescore for free)

  4. Skype (download for free)

Learn an instrument on your terms. 

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